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Congressman Paul Broun Responds to State of Union | Families

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Congressman Paul Broun Responds to State of Union
Congressman Paul Broun Responds to State of Union

United States Congressman Paul Broun responds to the State of the Union in a statement:

“Tonight the President stood before the American people to tell us there is nothing wrong with America that more taxes, spending, and government cannot fix,” said Broun.

“As a constitutional conservative, I know that giving government more money and more power will have a devastating effect on job creation and our struggling economy.  Georgians want a Senator who will stand up to the President, his lapdog Harry Reid, and the big spenders in Congress.

"Additionally, we have a sequester about to be put in place that the President's own advisers admit was his idea, and his solution is to raise taxes or blame Republicans for the failure to repeal it.  

“Last week, I spent time all across our great state talking to folks about what they’re looking for in their next U.S. Senator.  Not only do they want someone who will fight for lower taxes, less spending, and less government intrusion into their lives, they also want someone who will not back down from these challenges. As Georgia's next U.S. Senator, I will continue to ensure that Georgians get to keep more of their paychecks, that Congress stops burying our families and small businesses in debt, and that the size of the federal government shrinks – so that American liberty can grow.”

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