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'Under the Dome' Captures Audiences, Reviewers | News

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'Under the Dome' Captures Audiences, Reviewers

The highly anticipated CBS series finally unveiled itself Monday night, and it captured audiences as easily as its characters. The show pulled in viewers with intrigue about the dome and how its characters will act now that they are cut-off from the rest of the world.

Matt Fowler of IGN gave the pilot an 8.3, praising its slow movement to build interest in what's going on and why it's happening. He worried that the show may have introduced too many characters too quickly.

Robert Bianco of USA TODAY favorably reviewed 'Under the Dome' and thinks that viewers will begin to care more "about what happens to the people of Chester Mill than why it happened." He says the claustrophobic tension works in "Under the Dome's" favor. And as dismal as some of other Stephen King's adaptations have been, especially the endings, Bianco is confident the highly entertaining journey may be better than end.

James Hibberd of Entertainment Weekly touted 'Dome's' high debut viewership and called the pilot "a welcome surprise during broadcast's unusually dry summer months."

Neil Genzlinger of the New York Times says that it might be hard to imagine any drop in viewership from part one into part two. He called it "an addictive start." He mentioned the "cinematic pedigree that gives it a good shot at transcending superficiality." Another selling point of the show that Genzlinger mentions is that the afflicted town's citizens are not stereotyped yokels that so often appear in Hollywood. Instead, they're people living in the modern world.

Zack Handlen and Scott Von Doviak of The A.V. Club started their review of the show with a solid B+ grade and issued caution, citing the track record of Stephen King adapted series and miniseries. Von Doviak was not impressed with the pilot's visual effects but said the production values are "generally strong." Both reviewers spend time talking about the inclusion of Dean Norris from "Breaking Bad."

Overall, the premiere of "Under the Dome" sat well with reviewers and viewers alike, many already Stephen King fans.


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