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12 Ways to Excel in 2012 | News

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12 Ways to Excel in 2012
12 Ways to Excel in 2012


The word of the year is “Excel.”  You can excel at anything that you set your heart to doing.  This year belongs to those who have believe in their dreams, and not only plan, but are willing to take action in turning their dreams and goals into reality.  

Here are a 12 ways to Excel in 2012. 

  1. Close out Commitments you made to others last year to start the year with a clean mental slate.  If you are a person of your word, unfinished commitments can weigh you down mentally.  You want to eliminate anything that could possibly hinder your progress this year.   If the commitment is huge or overwhelming, make it one of your goals to complete it this year.  Set a deadline with a specific date to get it done!  
  2. Set Clear Goals in all areas that are important to you.  Write Down Your Goals in long hand so that you can refer to them throughout the year. This creates a plan. 
    1. Major Life Categories:  
      1. Personal Growth (spiritual, emotional, mental, educational)
      2. Relationships (spouse, children, family, friends, etc.)
      3. Health and Wellness
      4. Work / Career / Business/ Financial / Academic
      5. Home / Lifestyle
      6. Missions & Ministry
      7. Special projects or areas of interest
      8. FUN, Rest and Relaxation


  1. Create a Visual Representation of Your major Goals with pictures or images of words. As the adage goes “A picture is worth a thousand words.”  Through the use of still images, visualization you can literally summarize your goals written in long hand.  This visual representation is referred to as a vision board, dream, board, life map, focus board, etc.  The Tote-a-Vision is a 2-in-1 goal setting tool with vision board and dream book journal. Best of all, it is portable. It allows you to carry your dream board and written goals everywhere you go.  Click here for the “Excel 2012” special offer.
  2. Do things in the spirit of Excellence in whatever you do this year.  Surpass what ever you have done in the pass, unless it was your absolute best.  Here’s a quote from a friend of mine to keep in mind. “Good, Better, Best. Never let it Rest, Until Your Good is Better, and Your Better Best!” - Lorraine B. Watkins
  3. Keep a Positive Mental Attitude no matter what. Declare victory in the midst of adversity whenever it arise.  Learn to master having positive self-talk.
  4. Establish order and direction for each day with thanksgiving and prayer
  5. Write a Weekly or Daily To-Do list to help you focus and work on your goals at a manageable level
  6. Be Pro-Active.  Take massive action towards achieving your goals and dreams
  7. Look for ways to add Significance in whatever you are doing.
  8. Stay open to new opportunities that may help you excel in or towards your goals.
  9. Be careful not to over commit yourself.  If it doesn’t align with your chief aim in your life goals, then don’t commit.  You don’t want to dilute your efforts towards those things that matter most to you.
  10. Stick with your plan.  If you are not making progress, then consider changing your action steps or revise your plan.  If something occurs that distracts you and gets you off track, then Refocus. Refer to your written goals and your vision / dream board to inspire you to keep moving forward.  Tell yourself that you can do it.  


***Take in a deep breath, exhale, set your goals, put on faith, put on courage, take appropriate action, and get ready to excel in 2012!


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