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No Charges in Hancock Football Brawl | News

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No Charges in Hancock Football Brawl

A Hancock County grand jury today declined to charge anyone in a post-game brawl that injured an opposing team's coach.

District Attorney, Fred Bright said witness statements indicated that Warren County coach David Daniel was hit by a fist, not a helmet.

"We, the grand jury, hope the two schools can begin the healing process..."

A Hancock County Grand Jury ruled Wednesday night that after reviewing all evidence, no one will be charged in the brawl that erupted between two rival high schools after a football game.

"Most of the Warren players are pointing the finger at Hancock County saying they threw their helmet at us first, they started the fight. And most of the hancock players are saying the exact opposite," says Ocmulgee Judicial Circuit District Attorney, Fred Bright.

It happened just after the game between Hancock Central and Warren County ended, it left Warren's coach, David Daniel, with severe facial injuries.

Daniel, who testified Wednesday, left the courthouse around 2:30 in the afternoon appearing upset. but beyond a headache he wouldn't say why.

13WMAZ's Amy Aubert asked Daniel if he had any reaction to what happened.

"I can't comment, dear," the coach said, walking to his car, "Amy, I'm sorry, I cannot comment."

Daniel says facial surgery left him with five plates in his head and more than 150 stitches.

"Some people from Warren County saw the coach get hit, you get different stories, anywhere from one person hit him to three people hit him. But nobody can identify who hit coach," Bright says.

According to GBI records, a 17-year-old Hancock player admitted to punching coach Daniel in the face twice, but says Daniel hit him first.

And another Hancock player says he saw it happen.

Daniel told 13WMAZ's Amy Aubert Monday he remembers yelling, "What are you doing?" Then waking up in the hospital.

"It was handled great," he says of the Grand Jury hearing.

Hancock Sheriff Tomlyn Primus says a letter from Warren County Superintendent Carole Jean Carey to Judge Prior only tells her side.

"There is two sides to a story. She told her side of the story, and every time a question was asked of me, I explained to you guys, she is not telling the truth," Primus says.

The letter says Primus told Carey he would investigate it from "the Hancock perspective."

Primus says he supports any decision made by the grand jury, and he hopes the "black eye" of the situation goes away soon.

The Warren County letter also mentioned that the team was locked out the Hancock locker room.

A GBI report shows that Warren County's football manager admits to having the key, and says she was unlocking the door when the incident occured.

The report says that key has not yet been found.











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