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The Beginning of an Olympic Dream in Eatonton | News

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The Beginning of an Olympic Dream in Eatonton

With each pull of the trigger, Junior Olympian Dania Vizzi gets one step closer to reaching her dreams of becoming a skeet shooting champion.

She, along with other shooters from around the world, travel to Eatonton to develop their skills in the same place where two-time gold medalist Vincent Hancock got his start.

"This really truly is a field of dreams," says Hancock's father Craig, who built the shooting range in his backyard when his son was twelve years old.

Hancock followed his dreams and returned to Georgia Monday as the first shooter to win gold in two consecutive Olympics.

Vizzi says, "It makes me see what I want to strive for and what it takes to get there."

Vincent's father says is takes good aim, not just at the clay discs, but also at the long-term targets.

"We were shooting probably around 50,000 rounds a year out there on this field training. We shot every day after school. He would get out of school at 3 p.m., head straight home, be here by 3:15, and 3:30 he had the field open and 'Dad, I'm ready to train,'" says Craig Hancock.

It's that kind of dedication that got Hancock his first gold at only 19 years old during the Beijing Olympics and his second during this summer's games in London at 23.

"When we first started, we were told don't even expect anything out of him until he was 26 to 29 years old. We didn't accept that," says Hancock.

The Olympic champion currently lives at Fort Benning. After he retires from the Army this fall, he plans to return to Eatonton to help his dad t each shooters like Vizzi the importance of keeping a sharp eye on their dreams.


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