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Warren County Boosts Security for Hancock County's Visit | News

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Warren County Boosts Security for Hancock County's Visit

It will be a tense Football Friday night in Warren County.

That's when the Screaming Devils will meet up against the Hancock County Bulldogs for the first time since last October.

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It's been almost a year since a brawl after the game in Sparta sent Warren County's football coach to the hospital.

Both teams maintain the other team started it, after Warren defeated Hancock.

At least two students got into a fight with helmets and Warren County coach Dave Daniel tried to break it up. He suffered crushed bones in his face and needed five metal plates implanted in his head.

The GBI investigated and in January, a Hancock grand jury decided not to charge anyone.

The GHSA reviewed the case, and said Hancock County did not provide sufficient security or personnel and never disciplined the students involved.

Warren County Superintendent Carole Jean Carey says they considered canceling this year's game because of bad blood between the teams.

But instead, she said, they came up with a comprehensive safety plan to ensure there is no repeat.

Carey says they have taken extra precautions.

They include: 

  • Providing concessions and rest rooms on the visitors side so the two sides don't mix.
  • Officers will ensure there is no travel from one side of the stadium to the other.
  • Hancock County and Warren County guests will enter through separate gates and an officer will escort the band director and all game officials.
  • Hancock's team will come to the stadium in full uniform and be dropped off at the field so the two teams won't mingle before or after the game.

Superintendent Carey says they have shared the safety plan with Warren County parents and students.

She said, "We expect everything to go well tomorrow night but we're preparing for that fool out there who might want to make one or the other team look bad."

Carey says the coach and teacher who was injured last year, 59-year-old Dave Daniel, tried to go back to his old job but he had to retire after the start of the school year due to those injuries.

She says he suffers short-term memory loss and chronic pain, which she believes are caused by the fight.

Carey says Daniel plans to file a suit against Hancock County schools.


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