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CIS Students at OFTC Begin With Computer Concepts
CIS Students at OFTC Begin With Computer Concepts
640K ought to be enough for anybody.              - Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates, 1981 

Today's computers are well beyond storage capacities measured in kilobytes (K or KB). Storage today on personal computers is measured in terabytes (TB).  Comparing kilobytes (K or KB) to terabytes (TB) is vastly differentl - 1 TB equals 1,073,741,824 KB. It just doesn't register in today's world with streaming data and video. If that seems large, think about servers whose storage can be measured in zettabytes (ZB) - equaling 1,152,921,504,606,846,976 KB. That's a big number.

And that's the beauty of Computer Information Systems (CIS) education. It's a field that changes constantly, is ever growing, and is high demand for jobs.

At Oconee Fall Line Technical College (OFTC) all students in Computer Support Specialist and Network Specialist programs are required to take CIS 1001 - Computer Concepts. This class introduces students to computer basics, computer hardware, computer software, and operating systems and file management. Other topics that will be covered are types of networks, the Internet, e-mail, digital media, computer history, careers and ethics, information systems analysis and design, databases, and computer programming.

"This is a great starting point for CIS students," said OFTC Computer Information Systems Instructor Laura Layfield. "It's always best to start at the top, get the big picture, and then start working your way into specific topics."

Students can choose from a number of programs of study at OFTC:

Associate of Applied Science Degree ProgramsDiploma ProgramsTechnical Certificate of Credit Programs

To learn more about these programs or meet with an advisor, please visit or call your local OFTC campus.

  • North Campus Admissions Office in Sandersville (478) 553-2064
  • South Campus Admissions Office in Dublin (478) 274-7837



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