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Opportunity, Variety and Experience Add Up | Schools

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Opportunity, Variety and Experience Add Up
Opportunity, Variety and Experience Add Up

Add up all the opportunities the study of accounting can lead to and you get the solution for an exciting career!

"Accounting is a subject taught in most all business programs. It lays the foundation for solid, fiscal management and understanding, a recipe for success in every business," said OFTC Accounting Instructor Dr. Stan Lawson.

Practical application of the subject is also important. 

"OFTC requires a two-pronged learning approach for all students. It is the combination of understanding and implementing their subject," continued Dr. Lawson. "Accounting can be a difficult subject to digest without a great deal of practice. It's not enough to read and understand. Our students leave each class with the ability 'to do'".

As financial regulations become stricter, there will be greater demand in every business field for workers to maintain books and provide accounting services.

This group of students - with majors ranging from Accounting to Business Management to Business Administrative Technology - is currently taking Financial Accounting I to learn the accounting cycle. Tasks include recording transactions in journals, posting journals to ledgers, preparing worksheets and adjusting entries, and generating financial statements.

Students can choose from a number of business programs of study at OFTC. To learn more about these programs or meet with an advisor, please visit or call your local OFTC campus.

  • North Campus Admissions Office in Sandersville (478) 553-2064
  • South Campus Admissions Office in Dublin (478) 274-7837



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