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Leaky high school roof disrupts basketball schedule | Schools

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Leaky high school roof disrupts basketball schedule
Leaky high school roof disrupts basketball schedule

The Hancock Central High School Bulldogs have been kept in the kennel, for three games.

"Unfortunately we have been having some leaks in our gymnasium that has caused us to have to cancel and reschedule basketball games," said Anthony Webb, basketball coach.

Last month the 20-year-old roof sprung a leak, and maintenance repaired it. But the problem keeps growing.

"The torrential rain, yes the down pouring of mother nature, caused other leaks to occur," said Gwendolyn Reeves, superintendent.

Coach Anthony Webb says players have been disappointed, but understand.

"We're able to get in and practice and keep the guys in shape and just let them know, ok, well, we gonna just have to reschedule this game but we just have to get ready for the next game," said Webb.

Around the gym you'll notice white spots on the floor, that's where Webb said water has been accumulating.

"It messes up the varnish on the floor, the shine on the floor. It's not gonna be the color of the rest of the floor," Webb said.

"There's a contractor that we have asked to come in and give us an estimate cost to plug the leaks," said Reeves.

Reeves said they'd like to replace the entire roof, but with a strapped budget, it's not possible anytime in the near future.


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