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Ga. Congressman co-sponsors medical marijuana bill on Capitol Hill |

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Ga. Congressman co-sponsors medical marijuana bill on Capitol Hill
Ga. Congressman co-sponsors medical marijuana bill on Capitol Hill

(WXIA-TV) -- Tenth District Rep. Paul Broun (R) is co-sponsoring a bill introduced Monday on Capitol Hill by Pennsylvania Rep. Scott Perry (R), that would legalize a form of medical marijuana nationwide.

One Georgia mom who moved her daughter to Colorado for marijuana treatments said that the bill is a step in the right direction, and hopes it will be revised to help even more children.

Her daughter, Haleigh Cox, just turned five years old and is almost seizure-free.

Janea Cox moved Haleigh to Colorado in March, and since then Haleigh has been taking drops of a liquid form of medical marijuana several times a day. Janea says Haleigh continues to improve. Haleigh had been having more than 200 seizures a day. Janea says because of the medical marijuana treatments, Haleigh is down to a few seizures a day, which allows her to sleep well, begin to speak and, with help, slowly learn to walk.

The medicine is legal in Colorado, not in Georgia.

"All the doctors here in Colorado are shocked -- shocked at how well she's done in such a short amount of time," Janea said Monday.

Janea is not sure, yet, whether Haleigh would benefit from the new bill that Rep. Broun is co-sponsoring.

Right now the bill would legalize a limited form of medical marijuana, nationwide.

Janea hopes it will be revised to legalize the higher amounts of THCA that are currently legal in Colorado.

"I hope that they start to realize that some kids are going to need a little more THCA to help with their seizures," Janea said. "So we just ask that lawmakers do their research. Haleigh's on THCA, she's never been high on it. It's a non-psychoactive component to cannabis."

Janea said she cautions other parents thinking of moving their children to Colorado for similar treatments not to expect instant improvements from the medicine.

"It's not an overnight experience, you have to play with it a good bit to get the right dosage, and I want to make sure that families know that, it's not overnight, it's going to take a little while. Haleigh still has a few seizures. But it's a lot better than 200-plus seizures a day. I think we made the right move with Haleigh, she's still with us, she got to celebrate her fifth birthday, which doctors weren't sure she was going to be able to celebrate. And she continues to thrive."

Monday night, Janea and other Georgia parents who have moved their children temporarily to Colorado met with Georgia state Rep. Allen Peake, (R) Macon, who traveled there to talk with them about how to legalize medical marijuana in Georgia, as soon as next year, while Congress debates legalizing some form of it nationwide.

Link: Janea Cox Facebook, "Hope for Haleigh"

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